Powerful narratives and creative strategy to shape the way you interact with your audience. Every step of FamigliaEight. delivers growth and result-driven actions to break waves.

Founder, Irene A. Demetriou

"It's a different type of creative consultancy. We have this undefined support system of famiglias, it's almost like looking out for each other in good and bad times. Business imitates life, and it is your will to rise above the circumstance that differentiates you from everyone else. And it's completely all-encompassing; much more work than what you'd usually expect but much more rewarding too, for all. We have the academia, the corporate knowledge and the street experience to back our claims. For real."

Irene graduated from King’s College London (BA in European Studies and International Relations, MA in Conflict, Security and Development). She also holds an LLB and an MBA from the University of London. Before founding FamigliaEight. she has worked at the European Commission as a Project Manager, helpings ideas come to life, as well as at the largest law firm in the Mediterranean, as a Business Development Director for the entire Group.

Together with her team and partners, she helps new and existing businesses diversify and expand their offering through strategic consultancy, marketing, brand development, comms and business growth, all through a creative lens. She oversees end-to-end projects and her strong business acumen create opportunities for collaborations and synergies at the local and regional level.

She has coordinated global projects for real estate, the services sector, tech, lifestyle brands, e-com and hospitality.  She is also advising leading brands and game-changing companies across industries, in the fields of strategy, comms and growth.

She is also the Founder of Crowdfunding Cyprus and has developed Training Toolkits and large-scale events that fall within the realm of entrepreneurship, innovation, content marketing, trends and insights and brand expansion.

Irene has gained extensive experience in strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation. She is a trainer and mentor within these fields and has been involved in EU and national funding schemes, project management and proposal writing. She combines creative consultancy with business development offering the best of both words for brand and corporate development. She is a leading marketing and brand strategist helping companies move forward through a holistic and creative growth.

She is a technology propagator and has often advised on the use of digital marketing and storytelling, PR and public policy. Through FamigliaEight. her team combines robust knowledge with creative flair and applies both in real-time entrepreneurship and white label diversification.


The Fusion of Strategy and Communications: redefining the culture of creative consultancy

Seamlessly merging strategy with creative services, we nurture a culture that exudes sophistication without pretension. At its core, FamigliaEight embraces a collective ethos that celebrates the power of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Our culture is not just about the present; it's about forging lasting relationships. Through transparent communication, unwavering commitment, and a focus on long-term value creation, we cultivate an environment where success is shared and celebrated by all.

Projects & Initiatives

There is nothing like social proof for validating an idea. Crowdfunding, as an alternative finance mechanism, enables crowds to participate in projects and build them from the bottom up. We are the co-founders of CrowdFunding Cyprus together with KPMG, presenting the power of the crowd for investment projects and new business.
The Human Collective connects business to business and people to brands. Through training, toolkits and networking we enable members to unravel their full potential and become more active, inspiring and profitable.
We have founded BusinessBehind which means Business Behind Better Brands for Better Business. This is a branded Events Series that generates insights, thought leadership and explores market trends through ground-breaking conference and event management. Business Behind is relevant for brands, public authorities, corporates and entrepreneurs, enabling outreach through impactful themes innovative set-ups and long-lasting synergies.
Show Property Staging x Open House Concepts: a seamless and creative one-stop solution to showcase beautiful properties through impactful design and marketing. An innovative synergy which places real estate at the forefront of better living.
We are proud exclusive partners of Yoloco, which connects brands with digital creators. Never has influencer marketing been more validated by data and results. The power of software and automated data helps you choose the most suitable creators for your influencer marketing campaign.
What's Yoloco