Our deep research focus and entrepreneurial spirit inspires and initiates work that transcends sectors and industries. We explore new territories, create new products and create the right content across channels for activations that matter. 

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Private Equity | Government & Infrastructure | Start-Ups | Health & Wellness | Lifestyle |

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Real Estate & Property Development

We have worked with some of the leading real estate and property developers in Cyprus, Athens, Mykonos and London. Our work starts at inception, business and brand development, marketing and communications, PR events, and campaign design. We understand how marketing must lead to sales and create meaningful Qualified Marketing Leads for B2B and B2C actions.

Private Equity and New Business

With an apt understanding or private equity, the funds industry and investor relations, our sector knowledge is deep and results-driven. We design new services and products, understand how business needs to diversify and scale and deliver unique strategic actions through communications, network building, and brand exposure. We combine our initiatives in crowdfunding and venture funding to offer a true A to Z approach to this demanding sector.

Law Firms & Services Sector

With years of experience in the legal sector, our team understands the value of quality content, robust law firm strategy and the fine print of of service providers. Through content creation, media outreach and deep insights, we position each entity as modern businesses in a highly crowded and competitive environment. 

Tech, E-Com & Product Development

From platform creation and product development to designing digital solutions and products, our expertise spans from A to Z: we coordinate the entire process, deliver seamless UX and UI,  provide useful input and assist clients to reach marketisation, sales and scaling.

Government & Infrastructure

We conduct policy research and deliver strategy for governments, local authorities and PPP infrastructure projects. From identifying opportunities for collaboration and creating initiatives and synergies for place branding to hard-core development and politics, we know the work that must be done to win hearts and minds.

Hospitality & Tourism

From building hospitality services to managing hotel marketing, we have delivered state-of-the-art solutions for key players in the industry. Our work is truly 360, ranging  from sophisticated brand building to digital design, brand  activation and overseeing the creation and outreach of industry publications.

Luxury & Lifestyle

Lifestyle brands, luxury concepts, homeware and everything in between, we know how to treat the luxury merchandise and lifestyle sectors with the right amount of sophistication and market knowledge. This includes dealing with designing products, services, VIP luxury concepts and brands for those who understand the fine things in life.

Individuals & Personal Brands

From business personalities, politicians, digital ambassadors and entertainment figures, we develop personal brands through talent management, PR for individuals, media exposure, contract negotiation and endorsements.