KIKU Hotel Mykonos: Brand Book

Between the endless views of the Aegean sea and the unparalleled vibe of what can only be defined as true Mykonos, lies KIKU Hotel, a redefinition of island luxury hospitality at its best. A sophisticated concept destination, KIKU Hotel serves the necessity for a higher summer experience but is also inherently soothing and ambient, as the entire place is encapsulated in its own perfect plunge pool at the end of a spacious deck, extending into a viewplain full of sunrises and sunsets, with a majestic view of the town and port.

Combining contemporary luxury and Kiku’s lasting legacy, offering an unrivalled experience, KIKU Mykonos inspires and soothes the senses, setting a new standard in luxury island hospitality.

FamigliaEight developed the project’s Brand Book, setting the parameters for a fully-fledged brand development.